Photo Credit: Peter, Paul & Mary, 1963 March for Jobs & Freedom 

Why Music to Life?

  • 10+ years of high impact, innovative programming around environmental justice, youth empowerment, civil & human rights
  • Tens of thousands of people reached in live and online settings
  • Diverse network of artists, business and industry leaders
  • Production of singer/songwriter and social justice showcases & concerts, educational panels and special events

Letter from Noel Paul

Greetings and thank you for visiting…

Music to Life has its roots in the humble beginnings of a song.  In 1970, I was asked to ‘bless’ my singing partner, Peter Yarrow’s wedding with a song. The prayerful request: “How would You manifest yourself at Peter’s wedding?” resulted in the “Wedding Song”

Initially an answer to a spiritual question, the song, once recorded, became a popular radio selection leading to its inclusion in movies, television shows and countless marriage celebrations. But the question arose: where to assign the writer’s royalties? That challenge was answered by the creation of a foundation (Public Domain) to distribute publishing earnings to local and international charities of all kinds.

Fast forward to the 1990’s when my daughter Liz Sunde suggested how we might build upon the legacy of the “Wedding Song” (and my work as a social change artist) to inspire and support singer/songwriters and their visions for a better world.  The exciting and continually evolving answer to that question has resulted in Music to Life’s Activist Musician Accelerator.

Since 2000, Music to Life has collaborated with musicians and nonprofits nationwide to develop music-driven programs that raise awareness, spark engagement and empower vulnerable populations. Artists in our network have created LGBTQ operas for teens, an eco hip-hop curriculum for elementary kids, a mind, spirit and music project to heal from Parkinson’s Disease, and lyrical self-esteem circles for women in prison, veterans and homeless individuals.   The Accelerator insures that these multi-genre musicians, and their creative visions for a better world, are cultivated, supported and sustained.

I am immensely moved, as I’m sure you are, to see the spirit of altruism renewed in this caring younger generation and I welcome your interest, comments and ultimately participation in bringing Music to Life,

Noel Paul Stookey