Brave Troubadours

Brave Troubadours

Taking Music to the Streets!

Brave Troubadours is a new educational series, showcasing today's frontline musical activists.  Each episode offers 45-minutes of song and conversation - an entertaining and inspiring virtual roundtable that explores music's capacity to move the needle on the issues of our time such as civil rights, climate advocacy, poverty, and health.  Stay tuned for breakout sessions at the end so you can meet the artists, ask questions in real time, and take some music-driven action of your own.

The series debuts on Wednesday, November 18th at 8 pm ET with a focus on the confluence of pandemics (health, poverty/economy and racial justice) and the social change musicians that are addressing these challenges head-on (see bios below).

Artists will be joined by Emcee, Liz Stookey Sunde, Executive Director of Music to Life.  Future series will include national thought leaders and influencers relevant to the discussion topic.

Series Starts November 18!

November 18th Brave Troubadours (click link to read their bios)

Brave Troubadour: SaulPaul
Brave Troubadour: Jen Chapin
Brave Traubadour: Jason Chu