Community Partners

Photo Credit: Music to Life at UC Berkeley

Community Partners

Here’s how the AMA might benefit your community:

  • Positively highlight the sociopolitical issues of the host city and the key nonprofit or municipal problem-solvers of these issues;
  • Identify and mobilize a network of local artists to bring musical innovation and creative solutions to these community challenges;
  • Connect social mission-driven organizations with these artists, activating new strategies around music’s power to attract supporters, build community and advance cause-related missions.

If you’re considering inviting the AMA into your community, the following criteria can help you determine if the AMA is a good fit.  Does your area/region have:

  1. Visible music-affinity group (ASCAP/BMI Chapter, music school, Grammy Chapter)
  2. Annual like-minded event with reach (conference, festival)
  3. Strong University or other educational presence
  4. Music or arts friendly environment (patrons, philanthropy, venues)

Each Accelerator involves several key community players:

  1. Host Community Partner (festival, university, conference, music-driven affinity group) who provides the local platform from which the Accelerator will be cultivated, announced and supported. Through their participation, Community Partners add an alternative, community-friendly angle to their member offerings and also realize a higher profile in their community, innovative recognition and positive media opportunities.
  2. Lead Nonprofit/s or social enterprise Partner (advocacy groups, community development, social service, music education, etc.) who will partner with the Activist Artist to house and sustain the collaboratively conceived project. Through their participation in the Accelerator, lead organizations typically find new avenues of funding, cross-sector pollination and increased awareness for their cause and organization.
  3. Community Allies (philanthropists, like-minded businesses, media, artist support groups) who offer mentorship, instruction, support and other resources to insure a successful project.  Through their participation, Community Allies typically realize a higher profile in their community, innovative recognition and positive media opportunities.

The MtL team will create an overall plan of action, help identify sponsors/underwriters and essential promotional avenues, and develop related educational and outreach materials. MtL will also recruit key stakeholders, help facilitate community connections, design and help deliver the training program and help produce the demo day or culminating event.